The original Company was created on 2013, under the name of The Moroccan Students Agency, at later time, we renamed the Agency, Agence Marocaine pour Les Etudes Supérieurs a L’Etranger, that offer student a significant opportunity to, study, train and possibly to work abroad.

Agence Marocaine pour Les Etudes Supérieurs a L’Etranger, it is  a Safi based education consultancy firm assisting Moroccan students to enroll at Universities, Colleges and schools from abroad, get accommodations and assist them through the Visa-Process. It has an expert teams who have been involved in International and United Kingdom education system for years. The agency assists students to choose the right course at an affordable cost, on the basis of their educational and financial ability.

The agency team recruits students through our intensive professional networks (Website, face book, Visiting schools, flyer, local newspaper). We also help students get training at the best companies worldwide.


  • We have the experience working with Universities from abroad ;
  • We have already established a good reputation ;
  • We provide a full-service (E.g. Enrollment, accommodation, pick up, visa assessment) ;
  • We provide the guarantee to our customers to get refund in case the visa has been denied ;
  • We offer full-information, good customer service, and reasonable price for the service we provide.